News about concussions and lawsuits by current and former NFL players has fueled worthy debate about the safety of football at all levels (youth, high school, college, and pros). This discussion has driven increased research, development of better equipment, changes to rules, improved coaching and awareness - all resulting in a safer game.

All sports and physical activities carry inherent risk of injury, including concussions. The safety of all of our children is taken very seriously. Most parents are surprised to learn that the risk of injury, including head injury is comparable or even higher in many of the other sports and activities their children participate in. Keeping a child out of youth football to avoid the risk of a head injury, but allowing the child to play soccer, baseball, basketball, lacrosse, bike-riding or other activities, doesn't eliminate these risk.

Youth football is not the same as it was 5 or 10 years ago, let alone what kids experienced "back in the day." It has evolved into a sport focused on safety, incorporating new tackling methods that have revolutionized the way the sport is taught and played.



We teach USA Football Heads Up and Safe Contact techniques and strictly adhere to their tackling progression program that has proven to protect our players.



All necessary protective equipment is owned by our program and provided to players. This ensures that all players have access to high-quality, well-maintained equipment.


We have done our research and use top-rated Xenith Epic+ helmets, which have a cushioning and fit system that provide premium protection. We supplement these with Guardian protective caps, which have been shown to reduce impacts by up to 33%.

For upper-body protection, Riddell shoulder pads provide our players with excellent coverage of the chest, back and shoulders.


Coach Education

All of our coaches are annually certified by USA Football to ensure that they are trained each season in the most current techniques and methodologies, and equipped with the latest information to ensure a safe and fun football environment for all players and their families.

Our football program also hosts a series of in-house clinics each preseason to prepare all coaches in the finer points of safe techniques, drills, and successful football strategies. This annual coaching school, developed in partnership with legendary NFL coach Howard Mudd, ensures our coaches have practical, on-hands experience teaching the sport prior to the start of each season.